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Our Prelude wedding ring collection invokes feelings of beginning. As a symbol of romantic love, they are a couple’s announcement of starting married life together, and the promise of a lifelong commitment. The solitaire diamond ring echoes the classic engagement ring from the past but has been re-interpreted for our modern times.  A 0.30 carat diamond is surrounded by strongly textured sparkling gold. 


Starting at $2,375 and up.


Nestled next to it are either diamond encrusted fine bands, or plain gold ones.  When choosing two bands, the solitaire will sit in perfect symmetry between them; when choosing one band, it will off-set the shape of the engagement ring beautifully. 


Starting from $280 to $900 and up.


His band combines two colours of gold and two different widths to echo her ring ensemble. 


Starting from $910 and up.


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