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Kehla Design Studio

Please make an appointment to visit our studio located at 88 Queen Street in Almonte, Ontario via email:

or phone: 613.256.7997.













Artist Representation

In Canada, Kehla Design is represented by the renown L.A. Pai Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario.

In the United States, Kehla Design is featured in the Wooden Jewel Gallery in Oregon.


Hi Michaela, I told my partner about your beautiful shop I visited today. I can tell you have a reverence for gemstones. Some of the many pieces that caught my eye were tourmalines, chrome diopside, different colours of sapphire, a beautiful garnet ring, earrings with jade, a striking lace agate pendant with a little drop piece of gold, topaz earrings, the ginkgo leaf pendants....fabulous!


Michaela, just found this page. It's candy for the eyes! And it reminds me of all the beautiful work you do.  There are so many beautiful, imaginative pieces that I'm hard-pressed to pick a favourite.


“What beautiful work you do Michaela!”


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